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我想在Windows 10上安裝kivy,它說的第一件事是我應該在cmd上鍵入python --version。所以,我這樣做,它只是說'命令'python'沒有發現/寫錯了或類似的東西(但在德語,因爲我是德國人)。有誰知道如何解決這個問題?我已經嘗試安裝kivy 3小時。Kivy安裝命令沒有找到



That kind of installing python modules only works when the package is suitable with the version of python you are using. And if it is saying python not found you may have to set a path in cmd to where your python is located. First type python and if no error pops out that means it is now recognized. Now set a path to the script pip.py that is used for installing python modules. you can set it as e.g 
set path='%PATH%';c:\type the python path\scripts 
once that is done then 
type pip install kivy 
hope that works for you.